Agricultural fencing is one of the major factoring costs with a farm/small holding/agricultural property.  

Being Farmers ourselves we know this is a major investment that needs to be done right.


Agricultural fencing is used mainly for stock proofing, sub-division and post and rail fencing and boundary fencing.


All of our fences are tailored to meet your specific requirements.


We understand that fencing is of high cost. Therefore It is vital to consider the following points when you are planning your fencing;




  • What are you wanting to keep contained?

  • What are you wanting to keep out?

  • Have you taken into consideration multi-animal use for now or the future?

  • What are the ground conditions for the whole year?

  • Do you need any particular vehicle access?

  • Have you thought about installing a large enough gateway for emergency vehicle access  


​Also please remember that everytime the fence changes direction (including elevation etc) extra strainer posts and wire will be required which inturn will effect the overall cost per metre. However this will be explained in more detail whilst quoting or estimating. 


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